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    Is there a tutorial on how to create new templates?

    capi3101 · 3 · Last reply by Shane Carr

    Howdy. Topic header pretty much says it all - I'm looking for some guidance on how to build a new template to use with Card Creatr. I might have the unique issue of needing to be able to put text along all four edges of the card such that one edge can be read normally at a time, so among other things, I need to know if text rotation is possible or not. Any help from any of y'all would be much appreciated. 

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    Can I control the space between textWrap line breaks?

    Tony Van · 3 · Last reply by Shane Carr

    There is a fixed space between line breaks using the textWrap function.

    Is there a way to control this - I'd like to have my line breaks be much closer together.

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    Outline Text

    Dr.White · 1 · Last reply by Shane Carr

    Hello good night

    Here, I would simply like to put an outline on my text, but the sheet template does not understand it. Someone would have the solution?

    Thank you.

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    How do I add a custom font?

    Shane Carr · 1 · Last reply by Shane Carr

    I have a font I would like to use, but it is not in Google Fonts.  How do I add it?

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    How can I scale an image to keep it's aspect ratio inside a viewBox in the app?

    Tony Van · 6 · Last reply by Shane Carr

    I see SVG supports viewBox commands to constrain images inside the box (helpful for temporary images that are not all formatted to the same size.)

    How can I use that command in your app?

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    Josh · 0 · Posted

    I keep trying to download the program and it keeps saying 404 not found. Can someone email me a copy of the program so i can get started?

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    How do you use the dropdown menus?

    Gabriel · 1 · Last reply by Shane Carr

    How do you use dropdown menus and is there a way to make the options images?

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    NaN undefined

    SevenOuZero · 0 · Posted

    Is there a reason for that some of my assets read NaN undefined where it should say their size. It seems to work with same file sometimes and sometimes not.