• Excellent quick prototyping tool!

    Steve Field · 0 · Posted

    I love the simplicity of the tool! Takes all the busy work out of making card prototypes and gets you straight to the content creation part.

    I could see this even being the tool used to create the deck into production.

    I love the flexibility of the internal csv file and will be importing my current data next!

    Thank you again!

  • Great 1.3 update and new tutorials!

    Tony Van · 0 · Posted

    Love the dropdown feature and the if explanation in your tutorial. If statements were my next question!

    Now I can create a master file with variable assets/placement logic, vs multiple files with minor variations.

    Any suggestions on merging 2 files together (similar fields, just different BG assets.) Otherwise I'll have to rebuild again by scratch.

  • Super cool app! Thanks for sharing this!

    Tony Van · 0 · Posted

    Shane, this is really a great resource. I was at the Protospiel where you left your cards promoting this site.

    Thanks for the the app, the resource links and the support!