Import/export from Spreadsheets

I want to be able to export my ccsb file to a spreadsheet, and I would also like to be able to import an existing spreadsheet into my ccsb file.

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There is actually a CSV spreadsheet file stored internally in the CCSB file. I recommend creating the fields you will use in your card layout(s) and then copy-pasting your data into that internal CSV file.

Linux Mint allows me to open the CCSB file just like a zipped folder. I'm not sure what Windows would do, but I'm sure a quick Google search should turn up tools capable of opening the CCSB file to let you get at the CSV.

Indeed; ccsb is actually just a zip archive file with a specific file layout.

On Windows and Mac, you can change the file extension to .zip to edit the CSV and then change it back to .ccsb when done.

If you edit the internal CSV file manually, I recommend using the Card Creatr Studio GUI to create the fields, and then add rows but not columns to the CSV (unless you know what you are doing of course).

Make sure you give each card a unique identifier in the id column.