Infinite Calculates


I run into a big problem.
I just finished the various templates to start my cards and so I try to export my card in img / pdf format and here is my screen ...

The software calculates endlessly and impossible to do anything ...
I can not of course go further for the moment and I really need help ...

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After a search and many tests I understood where the problem came from ...


There is in my template a "foreignObject" that uses this code:

I need to keep this kind of use, but obviously `\ n` and` <`characters are blocking ...

Is there an alternative?

Try using pure SVG instead of HTML.

For example, instead of

    <p style="text-align: center; font-family: xxx;"><font size="5"><strong>
        Lorem Ipsum

you should instead write

    +textWrap("Lorem Ipsum")(align="center", font-family="title", font-size=5, font-weight=bold)

After several tests with the "foreignObject" it seems that it does not work.

Either there is some raw text and it is never displayed on the export in png. 
Either it makes the software crash.

Same effect with SVG instead of HTML

I see what you are doing here.  I can help more if I can reproduce the error on my own computer.  Would you mind sharing the CCSB file that is not being rendered?  You can post it here or email it to shane@sffc.xyz

I sent you the file as requested.
Thank you very much for helping me.