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Hello good night

Here, I would simply like to put an outline on my text, but the sheet template does not understand it. Someone would have the solution?

Thank you.

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Actually, it's quite easy to do this!  :-)  Add the following attribute to your +text:


For example:

+text(title)(align="center", font-family="title", font-size=17, x=90, y=28, stroke="red", stroke-width="0.5")

stroke-width is how you can make the outline thicker or thinner.

oh thank you very much.
I get lost a lot in SVG with the various mix of CSS.

It would be misleading to ask you if it is possible to use "font" custom other than google or do I have to open another topic?

- - - *google trad* French > English - - -

Oh merci beaucoup.
Je me perd beaucoup en SVG avec les divers mélange de CSS.

Ce serait abusé de vous demander aussi si il est possible d'utiliser des "font" custom autre que celle de google ou doi-je ouvrir un autre sujet ?

Yes, you can add a custom font that is not in Google Fonts.  I added instructions here: