using symbols in strings

Idk if it's already possible, but would be very usefull to render symbols/icons in strings loaded as assets.


"Trash this card to gain 2 <fire>"

where <fire> would be rendered like a loaded jpg/png called "fire.jpg" in the assets.

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I've managed to get the image to show up in the editor. However when I export to PDF the element isn't rendered at all. But maybe this gives Shane some insight on how to implement it. Because I would also love to have this ability!

First add a field "cardtext".

Then go to the template and add the following directives:

foreignObject(x=0, y=30, width=180, height=100)
  div !{cardtext}

Now you can set your card text like this:

Trash this card to gain 2 <img src="Absolute\Path\To\Your\Symbol.svg" style="height: 1em; width: 1em;" />

Thanks for the feedback!  For the time being, if you can find an emoji with a good symbol, that should work inline with text already.