How do you use the dropdown menus?

How do you use dropdown menus and is there a way to make the options images?

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To create a dropdown menu:

  1. Go to Properties → Fields → Add Field
  2. Enter a name, like "my_dropdown"
  3. Choose Display → "dropdown"
  4. Enter the options under Dropdown Options

To use the dropdown menu in your template, it works like any other field.  For example, you can use it as text (display the dropdown option text verbatim), or you can use it in an "if" statement for customization.

You can use Unicode Emoji in your dropdown menu choices if you like, although you can't put arbitrary images as options.  However, you could use the selected option to choose an image to display in your template.

For example, if your dropdown options were "apple" and "orange", you could put this in your template:

if my_dropdown == "apple"
        // show an image of an apple

if my_dropdown == "orange"
        // show an image of an orange

For another example of dropdown menus, see this tutorial:


Hope this helps!