Is there a tutorial on how to create new templates?

Howdy. Topic header pretty much says it all - I'm looking for some guidance on how to build a new template to use with Card Creatr. I might have the unique issue of needing to be able to put text along all four edges of the card such that one edge can be read normally at a time, so among other things, I need to know if text rotation is possible or not. Any help from any of y'all would be much appreciated. 

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Hi Shane!

Thanks for the great piece of software. There is something I can't figure out how to do, spacing between the cards (for ease of cutting) in export. Is there a way to specify a spacing generically in advanced tab (viewports) or would I have to add it to template (a sligthly bigger white rectangle for example)?

Hmm, good question.  It would be easy for me to implement this feature directly.  However, as you mentioned, adding border spacing to the template is a workaround.  It should be relatively easy to add this to the template by wrapping all your current content into an "svg" element.  Here is an example:


Note that I also changed the card size in the "advanced" tab to account for the extra space around each card.

There is not currently an all-in-one tutorial on creating new templates.  However, I'm happy to help answer questions on how to make certain features.

The templates have full power of SVG.  If you can rotate text in SVG, you can rotate it in a Card Creatr template.  The SVG option for rotating things is called "transform":


Here is an example file I made that uses SVG transform to put text along the edges of a card:


Hope this helps!