"SlimerJS buffer is empty" when exporting

I get the following error when I try to use Export to PDF:

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I installed Firefox but I still get the error message. As long as I can print it's not a big deal though.

Export to PDF is the most fragile piece of the program and the one that I spent the most time trying to get to work consistently across operating systems.  There were too many upstream bugs in Electron/Chromium (see i10 and i11 on this feedback forum) to justify using a built-in PDF mechanism, so I had to unfortunately bring in the dependency on Firefox.

Do you have Firefox installed?  If not, then please install Firefox and try again (you don't need to use Firefox, it just needs to be present on your computer).  If you do have Firefox installed, then this is going to be another defect I will need to spend time debugging.

You can also try going into the "Print -> Advanced" menu and trying one of the other export options to see if they work better for you.


I have recently discovered that CardCreatr will not export on Windows unless the Firefox version is under 52.*.* As Firefox is now onto version 55, this is an issue. Will you update the software to work with the latest versions of Firefox?