Change template for individual cards

The program's great so far, but one thing I think would improve it greatly is being able to adjust the card template for individual cards. As an example of when it could be useful, I'm creating nine cards with the same structure, but one of them has a lot more text on it. I'd like to change the body font size on just that card to be smaller, but currently I have to adjust all of the cards on the template to have the smaller font size.

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From version 1.3.0, you can use dropdown menus and "if" statements in your template to customize most parts of the template for each individual card.  See this tutorial for an example:


Thanks for the suggestion!  As a workaround, here's one way you can change the font size by utilizing the templating language:

1) In the "Properties" pane, open the "Fields" tab

2) Create a new field called "font_size"

3) Back in the "Template" tab, if you had a line that looked like this:

+text(title)(... font-size=17 ...)

replace it with this:

+text(title)(... font-size=font_size ...)

This will allow you to set a custom font size for each card in the spreadsheet without making a second template.

I want to publish more tutorials to help people solve common problems like this.  Please continue making suggestions!